Write a program overriding in java

Had the run-time polymorphism not kicked in, the output would have been: You can also see that truckVehicle.

Write a program overriding in java

What is method overriding in Java — Example Tutorial Method overriding in Java Method overriding in Java is a concept based on polymorphism OOPS concept which allows programmer to create two methods with same name and method signature on interface and its various implementation and actual method is called at runtime depending upon type of object at runtime.

Method overriding allows you to write flexible and extensible code in Java because you can introduce new functionality with minimal code change. Method overriding is different than method overloading in Java which we have discussed in last article. In method overloading, Only name of two overloaded methods are same but method signature must be different while in method overriding, method signature must be same.

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In this Java tutorial we will see What is method overriding in Java, Rules to override method in Java and an example of How to override method in Java. Rules of method overriding in Java There are few rules which needs to be followed while overriding any method in Java, failure to follow these rules result in compile time error in Java.

You can not override method in same class. For example if overridden method is public than overriding method can not be protected, private or package-private; But opposite is true overriding method can increase accessibility of method in Java, i.

Which means if overridden method throws IOException than overriding method can not throw java. Exception in its throws clause because java. Exception comes higher than IOException in Exception hierarchy.

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Though private and static method can be hidden if you declare another method with same and signature in sub class. As shown in following example of method overloading.

Though this is not rule but its one of the best Java coding practice to follow. From Java 6 you can use Override annotation on method inherited from interface as well. In this example we have used Runnable interface which has an abstract run method. We have two class Task and PeriodicTask which implements Runnable interface and override run method.

For the purpose of demonstrating how method overriding works in Java we are calling run method in same thread, which you should not, see difference between run and start method to know why.

Because run is overridden in two separate class, call to run method will be resolved during runtime depending upon type of Object.In any object-oriented programming language, Overriding is a feature that allows a subclass or child class to provide a specific implementation of a method that is already provided by one of its super-classes or parent classes.

write a program overriding in java

This beginner Java tutorial describes fundamentals of programming in the Java programming language The overriding method has the same name, number and type of parameters, and return type as the method that it overrides.

The output from this program is as follows: The static method in Animal The instance method in Cat. Java Overriding - Learn Java in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Java Syntax Object Oriented Language, Methods, Overriding, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Interfaces, Packages, Collections, Networking, Multithreading, Generics, Multimedia, Serialization, GUI.

This program will throw a. Java i About the Tutorial Java is a high-level programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems and released in Java runs on a variety of . Use feature method overriding in java programs.

Write those methods with same name in your class and implement them. Whenever you call those methods with your objects then your methods will be called or else base class method will be called.

To make the program simple and understandable, let’s say Music class provides music initialization. Rules for method overriding: In java, a method can only be written in Subclass, not in same class.

Therefore in the above example, the program will compile properly since Company class has the method move. Then at the .

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