Why do students prefer playing online

College is a whole four years, but not everyone goes through with it.

Why do students prefer playing online

Why do students prefer playing online

Online lectures are moving to the top of the list, according to a new study released by the University of Wisconsin—Madison E-Business Institutea campuswide initiative conducting multidisciplinary research on e-business strategies, emerging information technologies and innovative business practices.

The study, set against the backdrop of a national trend for webcasting college lectures, was designed to understand student attitudes and assess preferences for the value of adding lecture capture to existing courses.

One key finding is that an overwhelming 82 percent of the undergraduates in the sample said they would prefer a course that records and streams lecture content online.

First, creating more effective learning outcomes for students, and second, accommodating more students from a scalability standpoint.

Why do students prefer playing online

To accomplish this, institutions are increasingly turning to new lecture-capture technologies that turn a traditional classroom into an instant source of online, interactive content. Undergraduate students perceive benefits of having lectures webcasted: Leading reasons undergraduates ranked online-lecture availability as very or somewhat important: Value given to having course material available after course completion: More than half of the undergraduates indicated that, even after course completion, having course material available online would be important and that there was interest in accessing online material in professional life.

Preference for paying on a course-by-course basis: More than 60 percent of the sample were willing to pay for lecture capture services.

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Of those willing to pay, the majority of undergraduates 69 percent expressed a preference to pay on a course-by-course basis rather than having fees bundled with existing technology fees. The survey was sent to 29, undergraduate and graduate students at UW—Madison in April, with a response rate of more than 25 percent.

Of the survey participants, a significant number of undergraduates 47 percent have taken a class where lectures were recorded and available online. Questions offered multiple-choice responses to 10 questions related to the value of streaming of lectures and preference for streaming content.ClassZone Book Finder.

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