The shop where you can buy papers and magazines

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The shop where you can buy papers and magazines

Magazine Buying Guide Vintage and antique magazines - finding what you want Your interest may be authentic period patterns, fashion and needlework history, heirloom design ideas, illustration art, or just a glimpse into times past.

Whatever draws you in, it's still possible today to sit down and read a magazine or catalog that was originally delivered more than years ago.

But while you can thumb through a modern magazine at the newstand, shopping online for an older publication often means buying it with little information about the contents. You'll also have to decide whether to buy an original or a reproduction -- and if a reproduction, which type.

Needlework magazines from the s probably won't hold many surprises for you. But the older publications -- ones dating from the s or earlier -- are very different from modern counterparts.

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Our buying guide focuses on those earlier publications. Magazines for women -- history and types American magazine publishing expanded rapidly in the second half of the 19th century, and the years between and in particular saw the introduction of many new publications written for -- and increasingly by -- women.

Manufacturers of sewing, needlework and craft supplies were publishing magazines and pattern booklets to promote the use of their products.

Consumer catalogs became an increasingly important sales format, with Sears publishing its first major catalog in General interest magazines published for women in the late s combined fiction with articles about housekeeping, etiquette, fashion, cooking, and personal care. These early issues did not have extensive needlework and sewing sections, but included articles that remain an important source of information about period clothing and accessories.

Many magazines had a Readers Service department that made home sewing patterns -- a recent product -- more widely available.

the shop where you can buy papers and magazines

The magazines printed one or more beautifully illustrated fashion spread pages showing the latest styles and readers could order the sewing patterns by mail.

Fashion magazines from the period include titles such as Delineator and Vogue.

the shop where you can buy papers and magazines

Not surprisingly, these magazines focused on fashion articles rather than fiction and housekeeping. But as with their general interest counterparts, expect fashion spreads or plates and pattern ordering numbers rather than articles with detailed sewing or needlework instructions.

Photo courtesy of MagazineArt. These are where you'll find knitting, crochet and tatting projects, embroidery designs, and quilt and lacemaking patterns. As fashion changes became more significant and more frequent, magazines included projects to update last year's dresses and hats.

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Some also covered crafts outside the traditional needle arts, such as elaborate ribbon work and crepe paper designs, china painting, and leather embossing. Corticelli, Richardson Silks, Royal Society and Collingsbourne all published specialty booklets of patterns. Many independent suppliers specializing in "fancy work" or "needle arts" produced booklets, as did companies like Wright's and NuFashond trims and Dennisons crepe paper.

Needlework catalogs were printed in abundance. General interest and fashion magazines printed separate catalogs, as did design studios, fancywork suppliers, and needlework magazines. The catalogs usually have color covers and black and white drawings of the patterns, stamped linens, tools and supplies offered.While your carrier might not give you much choice when it comes to mobile hotspot hardware, there are certain features and specs to look for that can make connections faster and smoother.

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