The husband s secret book review

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The husband s secret book review

The Husband's Secret is a decent book, but I honestly expected to enjoy it a lot more than I did. I love mysteries that focus on the characters and their relationships with each other; and I love reading about morally questionable people, especially women.

I find complex relationships between women to be fascinating - woven with friendship, jealousies and secrets - but I found this book superficial and, at times, even boring. First Some secrets are meant to stay secret forever.

The husband s secret book review

Firstly, the titular "secret" is not a mystery and is so easy to guess immediately that I was hoping it would be something else. Secondly, I think the "secret" and the details behind it are not very interesting and - despite it being a serious issue - it doesn't feel particularly scandalous or exciting.

It gets three stars because Moriarty writes about selfish, depressed and troubled middle-class women very well. The dialogue and dynamics between them are funny, entertaining and contain those rare pieces of human honesty that only a few authors can achieve - little thoughts, feelings or behaviours that are personal and strange, but instantly recognizable and true.

In reality, the human reaction to certain situations - discovering a dark secret, being dumped for someone else, etc. It's like when you play out meeting someone famous in your head and you think you know exactly what you would do, until you meet them and your plans fly out the window.

In this book, I get the sense that Moriarty has tapped into real human reactions and behaviour - these women don't always feel and behave in a typical or conventional way, and yet it seems all the more real because of it. But interesting character studies aside, it did get tiresome after a while.

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When you strip away the not so interesting mystery, this is a book about the relationships of a bunch of privileged middle-class woman. And there's really only so much of that I can take before I start losing interest.Aug 18,  · Liane Moriarty, whose novel “The Husband’s Secret” is on the extended hardcover list, has said her first kiss “blew my good little Catholic girl mind.”.

Consider the title THE HUSBAND'S SECRET. Several characters in the book have secrets they hold on to that they eventually reveal. Felicity and Will share the secret of their affair to Tess; John-Paul guards his secret from Cecilia until he is forced to admit it.

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The Basics Title: The Husband’s Secret Author: the lovely Liane Moriarty Genre: Contemporary Fiction Structure: Interlocking stories First Line: “It was all because of the Berlin Wall.” The Good Okay, I’m going to narrow it down to 5.

They’re not necessarily the top 5, but just 5 because I can ramble forever about Moriarty’s books. Aug 18,  · That may change soon, though — “The Husband’s Secret,” Moriarty’s fifth novel for adults, is hovering at No. 17 on the extended hardcover list after a wave of endorsements and strong.

Aug 08,  · “The Husband’s Secret,” by Liane Moriarty, has a pinkish cover that shows a rose blossom exploding — prettiness itself. And the heroines come straight from the .

Feb 09,  · Review of "The Husband's Secret" by Liane Moriarty This book revolves around three women in Sydney, Australia, all of whom have a connection to St. Angela primary school. Cecilia Fitzpatrick - whose three girls attend St. Angela - helps organize school activities, has a thriving Tupperware business, and is happily married to handsome.

The husband s secret book review
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