Technothlon exam papers

Aim[ edit ] Through a series of events involving mental aptitude, logic, and dexterity, it seeks to provide school students a platform to build fundamental experience and knowledge, to exercise co-ordination skills, and to think out of the box.

Technothlon exam papers

If two rules clash for a folder the rule mentioned with higher priority will hold. In order to crack the code, some random words and their coded versions have been given.

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Crack it and answer the questions that follow. You have to match the word with its code and then crack the code. However, before handing over the box to Arunjyothi, Aparna asks her to solve the Sliding Coins puzzle.

Sliding coins is a puzzle in which an arrangement of coins is rearranged to another arrangement by sliding one coin at a time.

The following are the rules according to which the rearrangement has to be done. Here is the puzzle which Arunjyothi has to solve. Can you help her to rearrange thearrangement at the left to that at the right given in the questions that follow?

Question 6 How many minimum number of moves are required to complete the task? Here are some clues to identify them. A number is mentioned on some of the cubes.

This number implies the number of defective cubes among the cubes touching the cube on which the number is written. Find out the number of defective pieces? For example- If is a number in Technometics, it can denote 16 different numbers of normal number system out of which some are, ….

But a number in normal number system can have only 1 Technometical representation. There are 49 floors in the building. The 5 persons are respectively on the 17th, 26th, 20th, 19th, 31st floors. The elevator doors open only when all the elevators are between 21st and 25th floor in descending order.

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The person on the 19th floor decides to take charge and get all of them out. What is the minimum number of moves in which he can accomplish the target?

A 10 B 12 C 14 D 16 Question 11 There are 16 secret agents who each know a different piece of secret information. They can telephone each other and exchange all the information they know.

After the telephone call, they both know everything that either of them knew before the call. What is the minimum number of telephone calls required so that all of them know everything? The Pyramid need not be complete up to the tip but its each level should be complete.

Then, two diagonal lines are drawn from the midpoint of first level of pyramid splitting it into three parts not necessarily containing same number of characters and the numbers are interchanged as shown. Now, Aditya has to decode this message using the same.

Seven Blindfolded prisoners are pushed onto a hanging platform, which is open at both the ends. Below, there is a large pool of volcanic lava which is hot enough to instantly kill upon contact.

The metal surface of the platform is steaming hot, so the prisoners must constantly walk at a minimum speed of 0. Two prisoners walking in opposite directions, upon collision will reverse direction but continue to walk at the same speed.

It is obvious that eventually all of them will fall off the platform. The platform is 11m long, and the initial positions of the prisoners are as shown in the figure, but their initial directions i.

Question 13 Clearly, the total time taken for all the prisoners to fall off the platform depends on the initial orientation of each of the prisoners.

Prisoner A notices that if they orient themselves in a particular manner, the total time can be maximized. What is the maximum possible total time? The time taken for prisoner B to fall off the platform depends not only on his initial orientation but also on the initial orientation of the rest of the prisoners.

What is the maximum time for which Prisoner B can stay alive? Rather, he would like to spend the last few minutes of his life solving an interesting math problem.Technothlon is an international school championship organized by the student fraternity of IIT Guwahati for students of classes 9 to Technothlon – International School Championship by IIT Guwahati: Registrations Open.

School; The question paper will have various sections like maths, puzzles, code crunchers etc. Results for Technothlon are out.

Technothlon exam papers

Check your user panel to get results and technalysis. Check your user panel to get results and technalysis. Answer Key and the Question Papers are now available. The paper is totally different from that of any other competitive examination; being based solely on logic, analytical ability, and practical observations and involving no academic syllabus.

The paper is to be attempted jointly by a team of 2. Data Question Papers Technothlon Hauts. NSEJS Question Paper and Solution. IESO Exam Answer Key. IEO Booklet for Class-VII.


Documents Similar To Technothlon sample Paper-4 + Solution. Technothlon sample Paper-1 + Solution. Uploaded by. Introduction In this paper five different educational resources that are appropriate for a diverse student population are selected which are given below 1.

Multi-media . Technothlon Question paper for Junior Squad (classes 9thth) | Technothlon Papers. By ravi on July 17th, —>Click here to view Technothlon Key paper. please i request the head of this exam to provide answer .

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