Stimulated abo and blood typing lab report

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Stimulated abo and blood typing lab report

Fill 16 cups with water. Put red food coloring in four cups to represent type A blood.

Jehan Schemmel Anatomy/6 January 27, ABO and RH Blood Typing Lab Introduction: The fact that there. were four different kinds of human blood, A, . The Biotechnology Education Company ® Blood Typing See Page 3 for storage instructions. EXPERIMENT OBJECTIVE: The objective of this experiment is to introduce students to some of the techniques used by forensics scientists for analyzing blood. The students fi rst check for the presence of blood using • Control ABO simulated blood. This The Scientific Method, Blood Typing, and Antibiotic Resistance Lesson Plan is suitable for 9th - 12th Grade. Learners are given some components of an experiment, where they are able to identify and fill in missing parts, such as hypothesis, conclusion, results, etc.

Put blue food coloring in four cups to represent type B blood. Put blue and red food coloring in four more cups to make a purplish color; this will represent type AB blood. Do not put anything into the last four cups; this will represent blood type O.

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Request four volunteers to represent the four blood types. Give them an appropriate name badge: ABABor O use an outline letter. Give them their four glasses of water.

Since the color did not change, blood type A is compatible for blood transfusions with blood type A, and students should mark their charts to reflect this. Since the color changed to purple, the type A blood and the type B blood are not compatible and students should mark NO on their chart.

Then he will pour a different cup into the purple AB blood type. Finally, red type A will pour the last cup into type O. Otherwise, just instruct the students not to mix into a labeled cup.

Blood type A can only be given to type A and AB patients. Blood type B can only be given to type B and AB patients. Blood type AB individuals can receive blood from everyone, but they can only donate to other AB blood type patients.

Blood type O individuals can only receive type O blood, but they can donate blood to every other type.Simulated anti-A serum, simulated anti-B serum, simulated anti-Rh serum, 48 blood-typing slides, toothpicks, one package of microscope slides, one package of coverslips, a teacher's guide, and a student's copymaster are also included.

Simulated Blood Typing Whodunit Lab Activity and the age of the blood stain, a simple blood typing test is also performed.

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Although a positive Blood Type Review Worksheet - . NOTE: All blood and blood sera in this experiment are simulated and contain no blood or blood products.

materials cannot be used to type actual human blood. If human anti-sera were available, however, same instructions could be used to type actual human blood.

Stimulated abo and blood typing lab report

According to the ABO blood typing system there are four different kinds Of blood. Click the button below to add the VWR Simulated ABO & Rh Blood Typing Lab Activity # WARD () - Ward's Simulated ABO and Rh Blood-Typing Kit, Refill Kit, Each to .

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s Simulated ABO & Rh Blood TMSimulated ABO RhBood TypingLab ActivityStudent Study GuideBACKGROUNDAround Karl Landsteiner discovered that there are at least fourdifferent kinds of human Blood determined by the presence or ab-sence of specific agglutinogens antigens on the surface of red bloodcells erythrocytes These antigens have been .

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