Steps to write a social story

My recent hallway social story goes like this: Sometimes I have to walk in the hallway. I need to keep my voice and feet quiet in the hallway. My hands stay at my sides.

Steps to write a social story

Not by a long shot. Running a brick-and-mortar business?

How to Write a Social Story

How to Use Instagram for Business: It all boils down to your strategy. This should also be your business name. Note that your username cannot have any spaces.


This will be the only clickable URL on your Instagram page. Most businesses either use their website or link to their latest promotional page. Your bio is where you will capture the attention of other users.

Bear in mind that you have plenty of room to get creative in terms of how you craft your profile.

steps to write a social story

Such profiles have access to both in-depth analytics and additional contact and location information for people to get in touch with you. Rather than fall victim to analysis paralysis, simply start by ensuring the small details of your profile are in order.

Engage with others one-on-one. In short, build your own tribe.

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Businesses both big and small should focus on not only building their own followings, but tapping into niche communities where their audience is already hanging out.

How do you make it happen, though? Where can you find potential members of your tribe? Uncover Niche Hashtags Hashtags essentially act as a search function for Instagram to find relevant followers and brands. This rings true for users and businesses alike. For example, the beauty tag has literally hundreds of millions of posts behind it.

Rather than tackle crowded hashtags, consider how smaller, niche hashtags such as unicornhair, bluehairdontcare or coloredhairgoals exist in which a beauty brand could realistically stand out. Similarly, location-specific hashtags are perfect for zeroing in on an audience in your own neighborhood.

Incentivizing followers to tag you in their photos does double duty of showing off your products and signaling yourself as a brand that listens to its customers. A post shared by oVertone overtonecolor on May 15, at 3: The more you can show off your satisfied customers, the better.Real writers can write anywhere..

Some write in restaurants and coffee shops. My first fulltime job was at a newspaper where 40 of us clacked away on manual typewriters in one big room—no cubicles, no partitions, conversations hollered over the din, most of my . Write the social story in first-person Write it from the perspective of the child.

It will help them relate to the story! Write the social story in present tense Always write the social story in present tense.

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Bonus tip Social stories should include descriptive or perspective sentences for each directive sentence. Aaron Orendorff is a regular contributor at Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Business Insider, Content Marketing Institute, Unbounce, and more.

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