Nursing student medication errors a case study using root cause analysis

The core idea behind RCA is that ongoing problems are best solved by eliminating the root problem, instead of applying temporary solutions that fail to resolve recurring issues. Customer Jane Doe receives goods from Manufacturer Smith. These goods are found to be damaged, as they were shipped in packaging trays that allowed the product to move in the cartons during transport.

Nursing student medication errors a case study using root cause analysis

Nursing schools respond to student medication errors seriously, and many choose to discipline the student without taking into consideration both personal and system factors. The purpose of this article is to present a case study that highlights an undergraduate nursing student medication error and the application of an RCA.

The use of this method was a direct result of our nursing program implementation of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses competencies.

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The RCA included a critical evaluation of the incident and a review of the literature. Factors identified were environmental, personal, unit communication and culture, and education. The process of using the RCA provided an opportunity to identify improvement strategies to prevent future errors.

Nursing student medication errors a case study using root cause analysis

The use of the RCA promotes a fair and just culture in nursing education and helps nursing students and faculty identify problems and solutions both in their performance and the systems in which they work. AB - Root cause analysis RCA has been used widely as a means to understand factors contributing to medication errors and to move beyond blame of an individual to identify system factors that contribute to these errors.A thorough root cause analysis built as a Cause Map can capture all of the causes in a simple, intuitive format that fits on one page.

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First we define the problem(s). Here, the problems include a torpedo explosion and submarine sinking. Root cause analysis (RCA) is a popular technique used to determine why a problem occurred.

The goal of a root cause analysis is to identify a problem s origin by following a series of steps. Reporting Laboratory Errors Without Fear February 10, Errors in Medicine • 98, • , Case Study 4: Root Cause Analysis • Team Investigation: labeled at the nursing station • “Didn’t need to check armband.

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ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS To the degree that data are available, includes analysis of the performance of all students in the school (e.g., pre-K-2), and includes A few people take issue with the use of the term ―root cause‖ and prefer instead the concept of ―causal.

Root cause analysis is the identification and analysis of factors that are contributing to a specific outcome or problem. It is an essential tool for quality improvement.

Nursing student medication errors a case study using root cause analysis

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