Custom paper bread bags

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Custom paper bread bags

Tuesday, March 10, Dark Teff Sandwich Bread Here I present to you a gluten-free yeast bread, sweetened with honey, reminiscent of whole wheat bread. Dark and hearty, full of whole grain goodness that is usually deplete in gluten-free breads.

Because of teff's amazing nutrition profile this bread is higher in protein and iron than most of its gluten-free counterparts. I tested this recipe a number of times, each time changing one aspect of the ingredient list.

I finally settled on this version, knowing it was a winner because of how fast it disappeared in our house. Although bread really isn't a staple in our house like it used to be, I think we will be making this recipe again and again.

It is just very handy to have something ready-made for busy days. My 14 month old twins love eating this bread toasted and spread with pumpkin seed butter. My 4-year old and I eat it toasted and spread with almond butter and sour cherry jam.

I buy organic, fruit-sweetened jam from the company Bionaturae. I know I have mentioned arrowroot powder in previous posts but I wanted to say it again here because it is a main ingredient in this recipe. Arrowroot can be cross-contaminated with gluten if processed in a facility that also mills wheat.

I used to purchase our arrowroot in bulk at our local co-op but then one day I decided I wanted to save money and special order a larger amount.

When my order came in I wondered if they had given me someone else's order. The 5 pound paper package was covered with pictures of wheat and it sure had the look and feel of a bag of wheat flour.

Of course I found the little sticker that read "Arrowroot" but it got me wondering. So I contacted the company to talk to them. They never responded but it didn't matter I already knew the answer.

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Paper Baguette Bags - Custom Printed Bakery Bags - Bread Bags Delaying the inexorably oncoming staleness even by a day is a much sought after answer, further confused by different breads needing different care.
Printed Baguette Bags - Paper Bread Bags - Custom Bread Bags Stock See that the paunch is well cleaned, then soak it in salt and water for about 2 hours, take out and let it dry. Put the oatmeal on a baking tray in a low oven and let it dry out and crisp up a little.

Just a little bit of gluten that could be hiding in that bag of arrowroot could have sent Tom and our now 4-year old daughter into a week of agonizing you-know-what.

So we returned the arrowroot. And this is when I fell in love with the company Authentic Foods. All of their products are gluten-free so no need to fret.

You can also buy it online here. For those of you who are curious, our local co-op sells arrowroot in bulk from another company, Glory Bee Foods, different from the company I had special ordered it from.

custom paper bread bags

I have not had time to contact this company to check and see if it is gluten-free. If someone does, please let me know. Interested in more whole grain teff recipes?

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Now on to my super yummy bread recipe Dark Teff Sandwich Bread This bread is dark and rich with a full-bodied flavor. It is excellent toasted and spread with almond butter or pumpkin seed butter.High Glossy Color Paper Shopping Bags These bags are made of white paper, 65# paper for cub size and vogue size, 70# paper for queen size, with high gloss color finish outside.

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