Bela fleck how to write a banjo concerto

As much as they would like to perform on Thursday, the band has decided to reschedule so that they can put on the best performance possible for their fans. The concert is rescheduled for Friday, November 30th at 7:

Bela fleck how to write a banjo concerto

Garden of Troup reel; Dan R. Born on this farm, Alex Francis, with the exception of three years spent in Windsor, Ontario, has lived his whole life there. The beautiful tall trees pictured on the over are Silver Oaks. They are about to spring to life for their 66th year.

As a young boy, Alex Francis planted these trees with his father around the same time he started to play the fiddle. Throughout the seasons these trees have matured and have firmly rooted themselves, both in the earth, and as an impression on the minds of the many who have visited this home for music.

The same is true of the music of Alex Francis. Deeply rooted in old world tunes, this music was born from a local Gaelic culture, and enriched by countless musicians, both local and itinerant. Through his own enthusiasm to learn and play, his repertoire has grown and matured throughout the seasons to include old world fiddle and pipe tunes as well as tunes from a long line of Scottish and Cape Breton composers including Niel and Nathaniel Gow, Simon Fraser, William Marshall, Alexander Walker, James Scott Skinner, and Dan R.

His sound, rich in Gaelic accent, is truly unique in the world of fiddle music. This sound is an expression of an older world - a world of Gaelic language and mouth music; Clydsdale work horses and cows with Gaelic names; itinerant fiddlers and dance pipers; and long hard days of farm work followed by evenings of endless streams of strathspeys and reels.

Alex Francis was the youngest of a Gaelic speaking family of By the time of his birth his father Angus, a blacksmith, had established the MacKay property as a busy farm with a forge, along a main road through Inverness County.

As the seasons changed so too did the work that accompanied the everyday life around the MacKay farm. Although the long long winters prevented many outdoor chores besides cutting firewood, work around the forge and hauling water for both the farm and forge from the nearby river.

As busy as farm life was, though, there was always time for a few tunes, especially if a fiddler or piper was to stop by.

In the above picture fromAlex Francis, aged 13, took a break from his days work to learn the reel "Lady Georgina Campbell. When Alex Francis was a young boy starting out on the fiddle, one of the most important goals and values in learning music, as with learning the Gaelic language, was to create an individual style and sound.

By the time Alex Francis was in his late teens he had already established his own sound and style as well as a strong repertoire of local tunes. Initially Alex Francis learned to read music from his older brother Jimmy. Various musical influences strengthened his style and through the generosity of visiting musicians his repertoire quickly grew far beyond local proportions.

Alex Francis soon gained a reputation as a good player and kept himself busy playing at various picnics, weddings and dances. Although as he often said himself, Alex made very little money at it. The MacKay farm was a stopping point along the road for various people of different backgrounds.

They came for the forge, and for the music and friendship. For many musicians the farm became a regular stopping point on a musical circuit that stretched from MargaretMacPhee's house in New Waterford all the way through to boston and Detroit.

From these musicians he inherited a huge repertoire both by ear and in the form of printed collections. He inherited from Dan R. Dan Hughie MacEachern, who lived in nearby Queensville, made the MacKay farm a regular stopping point on his musical circuit.

Gordon was a collector as well and in published the Cape Breton Collection which, besides many of his own compositions, included newly composed tunes from other Inverness County composers.

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Included in this book were some of the early compositions of Dan R. He worked there at an automotive plant. In fact, the introduction on this recording track 1 I transferred from a rare wire recording made at a house dance in Detroit, You hear Alex Francis playing solo for the first figure of a square set.

The occasion is a wedding.

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Three years later, after a work shortage, Alex Francis moved back home to glendale where he has since lived and worked on the farm. Eventually he took a job at the pulp mill in Port Hawkesbury, but continued to manage the family farm with his older brother Jimmy. Throughout these years Alex Francis kept playing the fiddle and honing his repertoire.

As well Alex Francis has continued the old time tradition of stringing tunes together at random. He will rarely play the same tunes in the same set.

An example of this aspect of his playing style, included on this recording is Marnoch's strathspey, appearing in two totally different sets, from two different sessions. Other old-time traditional aspects of Alex's playing are the unique gracings, embellishments and bowing styles that gives his musical accent that Gaelic flavor.

bela fleck how to write a banjo concerto

One of the close musical friendships Alex Francis made in the 70s was with folklorist John Shaw.In , through a commission with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, Béla wrote and premiered his first stand-alone banjo concerto, The Impostor, accompanied by the documentary film, How to Write a Banjo Documentary of banjo cosmonaut Fleck and his biggest challenge yet: to compose an original concerto for banjo and piece orchestra.

"It begins before he has written a note, and concludes a year later, with the sold-out premiere concert with the Nashville Symphony." With Earl Scruggs, Abigail Washburn, Chick Corea and many others. 96 mins. SCÉNARISTE. Bela Fleck. PRODUCTION. Produit par Bela Fleck. DISTRIBUTEURS en français.

Argot Pictures. BANDE-ANNONCE (TRAILER) Béla Fleck: How To Write A Banjo Concerto Sans limite, le film complet Béla Fleck: How To Write A Banjo Concerto a une longueur approximative de 97 minutes. Vous pouvez regarder ce film enteir en ou Bela Fleck: Striptease.

Brother is documentary filmmaker Sascha Paladino, who directed him in both the feature documentary, Throw Down Your Heart () and the short documentary, Obstinato: Making Music for Two (). Attended New York City's High School for Music and Art.

His first band was named "Wicker's Creek". His grandfather bought him his first banjo Apr 19,  · Watch video · 'Bela Fleck: How To Write A Banjo Concerto' follows banjo trailblazer Bela Fleck through one of his most challenging musical journeys so far, into the world of the Symphony Orchestra.

Bela is commissioned to compose a major banjo concerto, possibly the first of its kind, for banjo and piece symphony orchestra.

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