Being a teen to being a

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Being a teen to being a

This series has a character sheet and a recap.

Being a teen to being a

Now has a Best Episode Crowner. All episodes can be watched for free with ads on Cartoon Network's websiteprovided you sign in with a cable provider. Teen Titans features examples of: Academy is a school for budding supervillains, and both its administration and its students are recurring antagonists.

The Titans destroy the physical location in the third season, but its agents continue to operate independently afterwards. In his first appearance, Mad Mod voiced by Malcolm McDowell claims that "nothing teaches discipline and respect like a brain-erasing trance.

He even uses The Ludovico Technique. The quote "You're just jealous 'cause I sound like a rock star" is a nod to Greg Cipes ' actual career as a reggae-ska rock singer.

On top of that, Cipes has lived on a vegan diet since age 8, and actually is a professional surfer, so he fits with Beast Boy's lingo. Clone Wars was aired as Star Wars: The Clone Wars came a few years later. Kid Flash is voiced by Michael Rosenbaumwho voiced the adult Flash.

The roster only consists of the Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy for this reason — to avoid having too much to work with.

In the comics, even during the Wolfman-Perez era the show took inspiration from, there were always different members that go in and out, and never has the roster consisted of just those five. The final season, which saw the Titans expand to include many other young heroesis actually a pretty good representation of how many other characters have been members in the comics.

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In the comics, he's the most ineffectual of the Ineffectual Sympathetic Villainswith a completely ridiculous, ill-fitting costume that looks like it was put together by a colorblind man. Here, he has an army of genetically modified bugs at his command, has a cool half-man, half moth hybrid lookand takes out the Teen Titans like they're nothing.

Despite this, he's still the series' Butt-Monkey when it's revealed that his teenage daughter, Kitten is the one who runs the show. However, he is by far the coolest incarnation of Killer Moth. This series just succeeded in creating the most badass Robin incarnation in the history of DC Universe.

Instead of being the comic relief sidekick to Batman, he's the leader of the Teen Titans, and a martial arts master. Having been trained by Batman his whole life really toughened him up, and that's what this series is getting at. He's so badass in fact, that there have been multiple instances of him putting up a better fight than his superpowered teammates.

Light was nothing but a perverted weakling who couldn't even beat a bunch of kids in the comics. In this show, he takes the Teen Titans with ease. He is without a doubt one of the least threatening villains, but he's powerful. Kid Flash also counts. Here, they take it and use it to his full extent, and he spends most of the episode running circles around the Hive Five.

The only way they manage to bring him down is by tiring him out, and that takes a long time. Here, Aqualad is a water-bending Atlantean cop who was lusted after by Raven and Starfire for one episode, at leastcan summon nearby aquatic wildlife when in his element up to and including whalesand has an understated amount of Super Strength he's torn his way through the Titan Tower's front door, ripped off robot arms, and toppled pillars underwater.

Not too bad considering he was written out of the original Teen Titans comic book because the writer thought he was useless. In the comics, she can simply teleport, heal other people, and sense other's feelings nothing actually useful during a fight.

Here, she uses telekinesis, can fly, knows sorcery, etc. In the comics, after a short tenure as a recurring villain, she winds up Killed Off for Real and a source of guilt for Beast Boy. Here, her powers stretching, Human Shifting are greatly upgraded, making her an unholy fusion of Reed Richards and the T Nothing hurts her, except heat, and she just has to take a second to shapeshift into an undamaged form.

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The episode with Hot Spot alone being hunted by her makes her almost Nightmare Fuelan implacable threat that can come from anywhere, look like anyone, and can't be held back for long even when your power is her Kryptonite Factorand when she returns to battle Kid Flash, she's every bit as badass.

Most of Cyborg's episodes revolve around him accepting, again and again, that he's human, though from different perspectives not being robotic enough, not being human enough, etc.

Affectionate Gesture to the Head:Students come together for some group fun. The researchers, echoing findings elsewhere, found a steady uptick in self-esteem and happiness among teens throughout the s and s. But they also found that since , teens’ overall psychological well-being has noticeably declined.

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