Anti racism in france

Commission nationale et consultative des droits de l'Homme publishes a report regarding the state of Racism in France. The Dreyfus Affair[ edit ] Main article: The Dreyfus Affair Ina Jewish officer, Alfred Dreyfuswas accused of giving secret French documents to the German army and was condemned for treason.

Anti racism in france

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. I was the first person in my family to get a passport and I could barely contain my excitement.

As an African-American, I was vaguely aware that France did not deal with issues of race the way we do in the United States. And when I happened to forget, French white people were keen to remind me. In one of the sociology classes I took at a university in the south of France, I hesitantly raised my hand to ask a question.

The white French professor had been lecturing on youth and delinquency. I asked, in my broken French, if the dynamics he described had any relation to racial or ethnic belonging. After class, one of the only other black students pulled me aside: Over the course of the semester, her family basically adopted me, inviting me to dinners, showing me the area and telling me about their lives.

I learned that despite the fact that each of them had white French partners and white close Anti racism in france, they nonetheless experienced racism. Twelve years later, I am now a sociologist and professor finishing a book on racism and the legacies of slavery in France. And while some things have changed here, many French people are still in denial.

Over the past decade, French minority groups have made important gains. Ten years after the riots, Anti racism in france police involved in chasing Zyed Benna, Bouna Traore and their friends are finally being tried for negligence.

Ten years later, it is more difficult for the French to deny the plight of ethnic and racial minorities -- though some, especially conservatives, deny this reality daily.

Anti racism in france

Yet, despite these transformations, the French government seems to have almost entirely abdicated its responsibility for dealing with racism. In terms of policy, French "anti-racism" is a total disaster. Instead of formulating anti-racist policies and collecting anti-discrimination statistics, the country contents itself with anti-racist discourse and magical thinking.

Inthe U. InFrench politicians took steps to remove the word "race" from its lawsapparently guided by the magical belief that changing words is enough to fight racism. In France, it is illegal for the government to include race or ethnicity on the census, as doing so is framed as a violation of so-called "Republican" values, which insist that the French Republic is "indivisible" and should not be distinguished in terms of race or ethnic origin.

The problem with this is that the majority population fails to acknowledge that the Republic has been making racial and ethnic distinctions for a very long time. This, too, stems from denial and ignorance. The truth is that French people who cherish dominant interpretations of "colorblind" Republicanism help maintain the racial status quo.

Anti racism in france

Most people are aware that sexism exists, but it would be absurd to say: Just this week, I appeared on France24 to debate the issue with Hadrien Lenoir, a representative of SOS Racisme -- one of the most vocal critics of ethnoracial statistics.

What he did not admit is that SOS Racisme virulently opposed the cutting edge work of French scholars who produced, for the first time, a large scale study of discrimination in France using ethnoracial statistics.

Even if the group claims to have changed its position, the reality is that most French research is sponsored by the government. Thus, expressing support for ethnoracial stats "in research" as long as the government is not involved is nonsensical in a nation where most research is funded by the state.

These are the kinds of mind-boggling contradictions that anyone studying French racism has to confront--contradictions that, for many years, made me never want to study race in France again. It is true that some French people still deny that racism exists--despite the many studies that have documented discrimination.

But other groups, like SOSRacisme, actually use their fear of racism in the government to argue against the collection of ethnoracial statistics. They point to the racism of the government during the Vichy regime of World War II as proof that the state cannot be trusted.

Most recently, when Robert Menarda far-right mayor of the town of Beziers, admitted to ethnoracially profiling Muslim children, groups like SOSRacisme argued that this, too, was proof that the government had no business counting people by race or religion.

Of course, in making this argument, they draw a false equivalence anti-racist and racist usage of statistics. People in power will gather data to profile minorities whether or not the government calls itself colorblind.

The more time I spend in France, the more it seems to me that some French people especially politicians are extraordinarily skilled at talking about principles that they have no intention of doing anything about. Perhaps the French are stuck because they are far too philosophical and not at all practical when it comes to anti-discrimination.

I have not always had the policy positions I have now.The French government has launched a major campaign to contain the country’s steep rise in racism and hate speech, using the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks to tighten the law on hate crime and crack down on racism online.

But the results are among many indications of a growing racism problem in France: Previous surveys, for instance in and , reached similar conclusions. The March for Equality and Against Racism (French: Marche pour l’égalité et contre le racisme), also called Beurs’ March (Marche des beurs) by French media (beur is the backslang of arabe), was an anti-racist march that took place in France in , from October 15 to December 3.

America Alarmed at Racism in France. By Caroline Fourest. In its report the Department of State expresses concern with anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim incidents in France.

Although this. Instead of formulating anti-racist policies and collecting anti-discrimination statistics, the country contents itself with anti-racist discourse and magical thinking. In , the U.N. issued a report condemning France for its "racist climate" and lack of "real political will" to address racial discrimination.

Racist France is back, says black newsreader 05 Nov He said the Roma, gay and disabled people also faced discrimination, estimating that at least one “anti-gay or anti-disabled act” took place every two days.

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