An argument in favor of improving the rehabilitation of criminals in america

Even if it only worked for some people, is that not still worthwhile? It is no different with rehabilitative programs — we should certainly support them if they can be shown to work. And indeed, the most recent studies show that they do.

An argument in favor of improving the rehabilitation of criminals in america

I have never suggested that people should not be treated with dignity, even if they are in prison for a severe felony, but our prisons are far too comfortable and posh and many prisoners have a much better life inside of prisons than they do outside.

Free cable, access to educational opportunities and psychiatric counseling which would cost you or I thousands of dollars and other amenities all make prison—easy.

Aside from doing the time and not having complete freedom, life is not so bad in American prisons. These are criminals, some of whom have committed heinous, violent crimes. Where did we lose sight of that when we decided they deserved cable and better weight rooms than I have at my own expensive private gym?

New prisons are being built each year and more burdens are placed on the shoulders of American taxpayers. The rising costs of prisons are attributable primarily to the bells and whistles and other luxuries that prisoners in other countries around the world cannot enjoy as they do in the USA.

In order to reduce crime in the country, we need tougher prisons.

An argument in favor of improving the rehabilitation of criminals in america

Indeed, the prisoners have to follow the rules and regulations set in each prison, yet they can choose whether and how they want to work. The paradox is that for the average American to sustain a comfortable living it is vital to work, study, and excel.

For American prisoners to get a roof above their heads it is necessary just to be in the prison—one will get food, one will get shelter, one will get drink Young While criminals should never be denied these basic features food, drink, and shelter no matter what crime they committed, there are limits.

The only price inmates pay is their inability to leave the place whenever needed. Also, they might not be allowed to communicate with their friends and family when they would like to do so, yet taking into account the fact that most computers in prisons have the internet, one can easily chat, send emails, post to discussion boards or communicate in other possible ways.

Some critics might argue that we need to be more humane and helpful, as prisoners are victims of social problems and they are not simply criminals found guilty of sometimes awful crimes, not people who should be responsible for their own actions.

My response would be, why is crime growing in the country, if each year the amount spent on social programs, rehabilitation programs, prison enhancement programs, educational programs and other interventions increases?

After all, if one knows that the prison means absolutely no TV, no telephone, no comfortable bed, but only hard work from dawn until dusk, every criminal would think more than once before committing a crime. Certainly, while making prisons tougher, one should make the judicial system more efficient and effective, simply because it does make mistakes occasionally.

Unfortunately, innocent people do go to jail, where they undergo all the harsh treatment just like those who deserve it. Still, making the legal system more accurate relates to how one singles out criminals, prisons, on the other hand need to provide proper punishment, a negative reinforcement if you will.

The prison should make each criminal work hard, so the inmates can pay at least for their stay in prisons. The idea behind tough prisons is to produce meek individuals, who know the laws and know how to work hard to succeed Martin Instead, prisons produce tough guys who get all the attention from the girls.

An argument in favor of improving the rehabilitation of criminals in america

Hours of free time spent in the gym and decent meals make them strong, buff, and attractive. Their connections with other criminals make them influential; they can win any fight. They represent danger, they know how to steal, how to talk dirty, how to survive in any city or town.

Modern day prisons should be made tougher. They should make inmates work hard. They should break the spirit of inmates, instilling a new set of values that will make them obedient to laws and American values. It appears that making prisons scary and tough is what will make anyone think more than once before risking breaking the law.A fourth argument is that under the rehabilitation ideology, offenders are assumed to be mentally ill, when in fact the majority are normal.

This argument is based on a flawed perception that mental illness is the target of rehabilitation; changes from criminal to normative behavior are rather the ends sought. Against Rehabilitation: For Reparative Justice. Preface. I want to invite you to consider the proposition that rehabilitation is not the good thing we have been taught to believe it is – and that it never has been.

Crime and punishment and rehabilitation: a smarter approach

at the same time as benignly keeping richer and more powerful criminals in theirs. My argument, in short, will be that. Jun 20,  · You don't have to be soft on crime to believe in the rehabilitation of criminals. But a federal judge who tried to ensure that a convicted defendant would participate in a drug rehabilitation.

Rehabilitate or punish? Since then, however, rehabilitation has taken a back seat to a "get tough on crime" approach that sees punishment as prison's main function, says Haney.

"But prisons weren't built to deal with mentally ill people; they were built to deal with criminals doing time." The mentally ill. WHY HELP OFFENDERS? ARGUMENTS FOR REHABILITATION AS A PENAL STRATEGY Peter Raynor Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice The point of this kind of argument is that if our goals are (a religious and social movement) argues that criminals are, sometimes.

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Punishment Or Rehabilitation? MAG. By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown Their most important function must be to rehabilitate and reintegrate criminals into society so prisons can have a positive.

An Argument in Favor of Tougher Prisons in the United States