Advantages of diversity in teh classroom essay

Research based methods for successful field trips, including specific examples for a geoscience course The Out-of-Classroom Experience by Dave Douglass: In its simplest form, this may involve field trips into a community where students will have occasions to have discussions with community members or local experts on an issue related to course content. Even greater learning potentials and community benefits rest in more intensive forms of community engagement in the form of service learning projects.

Advantages of diversity in teh classroom essay

Every classroom in a school normally has different students. There are numerous classroom management strategies that are available for an educator to adopt. These strategies encourage critical thinking among students. Lee Canter Behavioral Management Strategy For instance, a classroom management strategy that is common in early elementary and preschool settings includes Lee Canter Behavioral Management Cycle.

This management strategy works well within early childhood and elementary schools. The collective offering of unambiguous verbal instructions and explicit set of expectations together with expressed praises normally challenges a student to put up with the established rules in a classroom.

In an instance where students have sensory processing disorders, it is normally essential to remind them of the progress within the class repetitively.

In addition, this strategy evokes a sense of critical thinking from the students.


Canters model is critical since it addresses students having difficulties with overstimulation and regular guidance needs. The model provides directions for the educator to follow.

Advantages of diversity in teh classroom essay

According to this model, the educator needs to follow a strategic plan of action. These include praising students that behave well and reminding students that are not following on the progress.

According to this classroom management strategy, an educator needs to execute discipline as a consequence for students that continue to apply poor judgment. This plays a critical role in evoking critical thinking from students. When using this strategy in classroom management, students get many opportunities to make good and informed choices.

In addition, the strategy will enable students to reflect critically on choices they need to modify to align them with classroom expectations. Win-Win Discipline Strategy Win-Win discipline is another model that is essential in classroom management.

It focuses on three pillars that include learned responsibility, same side and collaborative solutions. This strategy ensures that a student is comfortable with the classroom environment.

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It also ensures that any situation that addresses discipline in the classroom ends with a Win-Win scenario for all parties involved Blendinger, Win-Win strategy ensures that fairness is established in the course of classroom management. This strategy enhances flexibility; hence it can be applied to any age group.

However, the strategy would work much better with middle to high school students.

Advantages of diversity in teh classroom essay

The strategy equips students with practical life skills that enable them to negotiate well.I was attacking DFW’s long Harper’s essay on usage in a comment on MeFi today, and the more I thought about it, the madder I got, and I finally couldn’t resist letting him have it at length.

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Nov 15,  · Essay Strategies For Coping Up With Cultural Diversity. It is essential for a teacher who teaches in a multicultural classroom to have a prior knowledge about the cultural backgrounds of all the students studying in her/his classroom.

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives. Diversity in the classroom: Positive & Negative School and colleges impart education to the students so that they gain knowledge and become good professionals as well as human being.

There are numerous students in the classroom who study together in a collaborative learning environment without any hassles. display('');?> You have reached the page Why you may ask? We have totally renovated our site and things got moved around.

Diversity in the Classroom Essay - Diversity in classrooms can open student’s minds to all the world has to offer. At times diversity and understanding of culture, deviant experiences and perspectives can be difficult to fulfill, but with appropriate strategies and resources, it can lead students gaining a high level of respect for those.

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