Acopia business plan

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Acopia business plan

This blog reveals the brief history of the Acopiado Estate. Rodriguez and Don Miguel A. Rodriguez whose interest and legal rights over the subject land had been acquired by Don Gregorio Madrigal Acopiado by the principle of fee simple and by the virtue of judicial proceeding, clearly established as the registered owner.

Ownership was also recorded at Gaceta de Manila on November 10, Spanish title solely relies on the existing natural boundaries to determine the land area being covered by such claim or ownership, whereas; Torrens system title is more definite and exact measurement of land area using the four directions, North, East, South and West and along with degrees.

These corvettes were dispatched by the Spanish government to make scientific observations and conduct geodetic surveys of the coasts of Spanish America, Marianas, and the Philippines.

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From the above-mentioned piece of information, it can be figured out that Titulo Propiedad de Terrenos, being the title that covers the entire archipelago has already appropriate technical descriptions based on the conducted geodetic survey in the Philippines on July 30, The intersecting lines represent the four directions, North, East, West and South NEWS shown on the superimposed map on the face of the title, is acopia business plan tie point or the reference point.

This was a conclusive indication that Titulo Propiedad de Terrenos possessed the criteria of a surveyed land; the principal requirement set forth by the Land Registration Act of The Treaty includes the protection of all the archive records of the land titles and important documents thereto.

October 3, — Approval of the Decree of Registration No. Rodriguez, and Don Miguel A. March 14, — Said property had been revalidated as required by Republic Act or Cadastral Proceedings of February 11, and it construed as Torrens title forever and found no errors by the Cadastral Court and the same had been processed and cleared by Section 39 of R.


This area is part of 32, hectares, annotated at the back of TCT No. Certification was furnished by the officer of the Land Registration Commission confirming to that effect. The said agency was supervised by the Director of Lands, Zoilo Castrilio and LRC Administrator, Antonio Noblejas who had done initial salvaging of the pertinent documents of the lawful owner, destroying the microfilm, fraudulently distorting the technical descriptions, land data, its Decree with Cad.

Tuazon of Bataan and their cohorts in the indirect selling of said lands to some real estate developers and squatters then in the form of massive issuance of Free Patent Titles and OCTs as well as TCTs of no origin.

Both titles embraced 4,square meters in Culiat, Diliman, Quezon City. The suspension of the Civil Case No.

Under the same sala to avoid conflicting dates of hearing of two cases under the same subject matter. Camella Sarmento Madrigal have no surviving heirs whosoever, so, therefore, under the law, said big tract of lands, be reverted to the national government.

Acopiado containing an area ofAcopiado covering an area ofhectares marked as Exhibit F as requested by Hon. Solicitor General and made as an integral part of the position paper of the Republic of the Philippines. Acopiado and Don Anacleto M. Acopiado since the year Said documents were issued by the Office of the President including an annotation regarding the execution of a Deed of Absolute Sale duly executed by Don Anacleto M.

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Acopiado on December 2, This was through the mediation of the late President Ramon Magsaysay in consideration of Php 1, Rodriguez in favor of Don Gregorio M. In contrary, the same had not been rebutted by the heirs of the Rodriguez.

That the subject land had undergone the trial of Republic Actbetter known as Cadastral Act of that tested the credibility of the land area and its eligible ownership over the land.

But, it was controverted totally and denied by the intervenors because in due time, the subject heirs were summoned and appeared physically in an open court. In page 12 of Decision with Compromise Agreement, stated that: The manipulation escalated to massive frauds that gives rise to the issuance offake land titles in OCTs which were scattered to many prominent names of known businessmen and developers intended to defeat the original land title of the true owners of OCT No.

Like for example, the issuance of OCT in the name of late Agapito Bonson connotes that the former delegate of the Malolos Constitution who died before World War II had risen from his grave to be able to register his land holdings OCT in the year These facts serve as concrete bases adopted by the Republic of the Philippines to file a petition for the cancellation of OCTs No.

Solicitor General, Felix Macasiar and thus, was granted by the court. It stated that the government had issued only one land title, OCT and the decree issued in and for the whole archipelago, and that its expediencies TCT No.

And thereafter, if any other land titles exist other than those mentioned land titles, they are alleged to be fraudulent titles in character and are null and void, ab initio.Nashville-based law firm Bone McAllester Norton earlier this month hosted a community-wide open house to celebrate the relocation of its Hendersonville office located at Bluegrass Commons II.

"Successfully completing interoperability testing with IBM's N-Series is further proof of Acopia's commitment to quality," said Kirby Wadsworth, senior vice president of marketing and business development, Acopia.

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A) Plan II, Plan II as mentioned on the face of the title, Plan II has not yet been applied for original registration as appearing in our Survey Book.

B) Decree No. covers only a parcel of land in Cavite and not in Greater Manila as per our records.

acopia business plan

The new plan is for Accomplice to give 30 entrepreneurs $, per year from its fund to invest on its behalf. The firm will invest in all of its “scout” deals, rather than cherry-pick the.

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